About us:


    To be one of the leading companies in providing innovative solutions in office

furniture field.


Gulf furniture company is looking to promote governmental department l level and private   sector through providing the best solutions and professionalism in office furniture field which achieve the maximum safety for customers, which lead to  build stable base for customers.   



Industrial Activity Of The Company :


Gulf furniture company established small workshop to be responsible of customer needs satisfactions and re-manufacturing imported furniture, and repair of any items need repair of imported furniture to ensure arrival of company products by best possible quality, but the company management developed the work of the workshop to be a small factory manufacturing  some of works and products which needed by the company such as desks and partitions , so as to be integrated factory , including paints, upholstery, sofa, chairs, re-upholstering, carpentry sections , so the company decided to expand the industrial activity through building integrated factory provided by the most modern technologies in  office furniture field, the company has been able to complete construction work completely  on 13.000 meter approximately including warehouses, administrative offices.