First - partnership with final touch company :

Final touch company considered one of the leading companies in luxury home furniture world , the company distinguished by high quality products recently for medium and high  income category  in the Arabian gulf region, therefore Gulf furniture company decided to enter in the home furniture field through strategic  partnership  with final touch company in Kuwait state by entering in partnership with final touch company in the Saudi Market by following new method by targeting medium and high income category. This investment expected to form  good returns to the company through entering in new kind of investments which will help in recuing investment risks in the company.

Second- Food products:

In order to diversify the investment and due to the financial sufficiency of Gulf furniture company, the company currently in process of study entering in food industry through negotiations with one of the leader brands in the field of Tea manufacturing and its import internationally, the primary studies refers that expansion will be through establishing coffee shops specialized in the tea, the purpose is to expand locally and over middle east and gulf region.

Strategic partners:

The company singed strategic partnerships with some of the leader factories specialized in all kinds and grades of office furniture manufacturing around the world